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This is the walkthrough for the Ublik Passage.

Once landing, destroy all the crates around you and fill up on ammo. The Razor Claws are optional to buy as they are not really needed for this planet, but may be needed for Reepor. The Mag-Net Launcher is also available but like the Tesla Claws it is pointless for now. Continue forward and encounter a pirate. Simply use your wrench and hyper-strike him - in order to save ammo. Get onto the ship, and "Negotiate" the Pirate on board. After stopping, take out the pirate on the left hand side of the screen and jump off and shoot the other pirate. Two other pirates will come out - negotiate them as well - with only one shot. The rocket will kill them both.

Get the crates and destroy the barrels, and continue forward. You will encounter another one of the ball-shooting pirate bosses; Mega SoggyBritches. Simply use the Alpha Disruptor or Negotiator to finish him off.

Collect the raritanium and go pirate, talk to the Doorkeeper and do the jig! and prove your worth. Keep the disguise on and go up to the Pirates and take them out, starting with the turret pirate. Another way to kill these - the longer but fun way - is to keep on the disguise and simply "push them off the edges." You can do this with any pirate and they will not respond when a mate falls to their death by a traitor pirate. Proves that Pirates are not the cleverest creatures in the universe.

Before operating the bolt crank, go right of the turret and down the grav-ramp. Destroy the crates and inherit the holo-plan. Keep on going and jump on the platform. Throw the Heli-Pod on the required Heli-spot and the platform will ascend. Jump onto the ship, kill the pirate and destroy the crates. Then go up to the carrier above and high-jump onto it. Get the gold bolt.

Go back to the bolt-crank and turn it. Kill the incoming pirates and head for the bridge. Fill up on ammo via the somewhat camouflaged vendor. It is optional, but fun, to turn on the Holo Pirate disguise for this part. Go up to the pirates and push them off into the lava next to them if necessary, like you did a bit before. bolts, unfortunately will not be earned, because somehow the bolts melt in lava…
Anyway, you can try this method or take them out manually. The boss will come back again, and take him out - and beware not to lose ammo. Restock when needed. Shielded pirates will come in, and take them out with any weapon of your choice, but the best would be a Lightning Ravager. Negotiate/Disrupt the electrified pirates coming in and do it quickly, there are many. Another bridge will extend and pirates will come back. Attack them and go through the bridge. A pirate will come and push a raritanium crate forward - kill the pirate for extra bolts. Be wary, an electro-pirate will jump out like normal so take them out with care. Go left, and collect the Raritanium in chests. Then go back to the right, and follow till you see the opening to the left. Go down there and attack the Pirates and kill the turret pirate. Fill up on ammo in the vendor.

This is now a checkpoint, so if you die on this part you can come back to the vendor. Go to the platform, and use a Heli-Pod on it. It will go up and jump onto the Pirate Ship. Note this part is difficult.
You will end up on a pirate ship - the Alpha Cannon is of good use here. Kill the remaining pirates on the ship, and another ship will stop past and open fire via its cannons. You will need to disable these cannons - when they are vulnerable and open - and kill the pirates that jump onto your ship. Another ship will come and do the same as before.

Then you will have to dance the pirate Jig to end up into another room. Once you destroy the pirates in there restock at the vender if needed. Finally you are fighting against Captain slag.

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