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This is a guide to defeating the Ultra Supreme Executive Chairman Drek-Mech.

The mech serves as the final boss of the game, and arguably its most difficult. The recommended weapons for this fight are the Blaster, the Devastator, the Tesla Claw, and, if acquired, the R.Y.N.O. The Visibomb Gun is not recommended, as he hits you frequently. Also, have the Gadetron PDA in your Quick Select to order ammo. The first and easiest part of the fight is with Giant Clank. Drek's only attack is to fire missiles at Clank. Clank can fire his missiles or punch him repeatedly. Once you bring down the first segment of his health, Drek will shrink Clank back down to size and fly to another part of the level.

After using your swingshot to get to Drek, the fight starts again. Drek will continue to use his missiles as well as fire bombs that create large shockwaves on contact with the ground. if you have the R.Y.N.O., save it for the final part of the fight. Instead use the Devastator to blast away at his health. After enough damage, the boss will fly away again, this time blasting the arena into four pieces.

Once again swingshot to the third arena and confront Drek again. Drek retains the same weapons from before, but now adds an attack where he throws mines all over the arena which you can suck up with the suck cannon. Like before, dodge the boss' attacks and pelt away at his health. After enough damage, Drek will fly away for the final time.

The final showdown takes place on top of the Deplanetizer. Drek will immediately start the battle by activating the Deplanetizer's countdown sequence. you must run to the button in the center and use your Power Slam to stop the timer. However, be ready to run as Drek will chase you while having a damaging energy shield activated around the mech. After this, Drek will use all of the attacks from before, along with some new ones. Drek will now summon Dark Gadgetbots to attack Ratchet. You should just ignore them as they will be destroyed by Drek's shockwave bombs. Note that each time you take off a section of his health, Drek will activate the timer, which decreases each time (25, 20, 15). Drek also gains two new attacks such as firing large blue laser blasts, and green missiles that rain down on the arena. With the right weapons and some patience, Drek will be defeated once and for all.

The Suck Cannon is good as well, as you can shoot his mines back.

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