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Enemies encountered:

Hyper Cannonballer



Pool Shark (enemy)

Blargian Snagglebeast

This is the walkthrough for Umbris in Ratchet & Clank.

Qwark's Gauntlet

This path starts with versa-targets. Swing across them. While the cannonballers (the turrets lobbing bombs) are easily killed, the mines are not. Your best bet will be the Pyrocitor, or the RYNO if you have it. Alternatively, these can be pegged with the Blaster from a distance. So far, everything is easy. When you meet the section with fences and a single turret, either move side to side or activate the swingshot. If you do the latter, you will bypass the turret. Continue on. You will reach a section with three tripod pads, far away and guarded by turrets. Run fast and hit the three tripod pads to move onto the next room.

You will reach a room with a lot of mines. Use the blaster and peg each one quickly. Climb up the long ladder and drain the pool with your Hydrodisplacer. Kill the sharks and climb through the tunnel, and then kill these sharks. Climb out, and kill the next sharks. Refill this pool and move on. Drain the next pool, and kill the sharks. Refill the pool. Empty the next pool, so that Ratchet can swing through. Kill the sharks in the next room, all of them, and then fill this pool. Activate the three close tripod sensors and then empty the pool. Climb out on the other end. Walk through until you meet with Qwark.

The Blargian Snagglebeast

Fighting this beast is actually complex. You will want to use all your ammo available; simply use a ranged weapon to drain its health until it deploys a shields on itself, and lure it into the bridge, where it would then break the bridge then fall into the lava when it does. Repeat that execution three times until its health meter is empty, at which the lava will kill it, leading to an opening of the hangar door. The attack you have to look out for is the vacuum-like attack that takes your ammo and spreads it. Stay clear of it, where it will launch fire balls from its hands at you, at which the Wrench, Pyrocitor, and possibly other weapons are useless to fight the Blargian Snagglebeast. Use the Glove of Doom only thereafter unleashes the fiery waves from its feet; the small kamikaze robots that come in contact with the waves will be destroyed from it. After that, go to the hangar, where you will grab the Infobot and the new shuttle for the coordinates for Batalia.

Gold bolts

  • On a long bridge, after using your Swingshot for the second time, after the second turret, go right and you will see a closed door. From there look on the right again and you will see a ledge with a tripad on it. Go there and step on it and continue turning (counter-clockwise) around the small building until you light up all three. Go back down and the door will be open with boxes and the gold bolt in it.
  • After a short use of the Hydrodisplacer, go to the pool of water with the stairs at the right. Look down from the edge (top of the stairs) and you will see a large square opening below formed by four walls. Jump into the opening and you will fall down to the gold bolt.

Skill points

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