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This is the walkthrough for Underwater Base in Secret Agent Clank.

Klunk's Villainous Lair

When the battle begins you need use your stealth takedown to fight Klunk. If you succeed the first button combination you will avoid Klunk's charge. Then you need to succeed another button code. If you succeed it, you will takedown Klunk and he loses some of his health. If you fail in any of these codes, Klunk takes you down and, you will lose health.

After the stealth mode Klunk jumps in his robot suit, the Kingpin. He will run around and use his flamethrower against you. Start using your Whirlwind Throwtie or Kudzu Tangle. After a while, he will do the same but in the middle of the arena, and he will blow you away with a whirlwind. Keep running forward so you do not fall in water and avoid the flames. Plant a Kudzu Tangle in the middle where he's standing and let it do it's work. When Kingpin's health runs out he'll shutdown and you will enter another stealth mode with Klunk.

After the stealth mode, you will duel with Robo-Nefarious. He will first throw a little ball on the floor, which will create an electric triangle, which will eventually sprout into more, following you where ever you go. Load up your Lightning Rod and keep avoiding the electric triangles while shooting him. Try to use the Nanotech crate if you get too damaged. Next he will shoot two crossed laser beams in a sort of DNA like pattern. Keep jumping out and in to avoid the beam while firing the Lightning Rod at him. If you run out of ammo with the Lightning Rod, start using the Whirlwind Throwtie. After he finishes, he'll start doing the electrical triangle attack again and the beam attack after it. If you have defeat him by now, he'll shutdown like the Kingpin and you will enter another stealth mode with Klunk. If you haven't, Klunk jumps in the Kingpin and reactivates him. You will then need to continue fighting the Kingpin until he is shutdown and you will enter the stealth mode.

After the stealth mode Klunk keeps jumping in the bots and switching between them. Remember to use the Agency PDA when needed. Try saving the Wrist Mortars but use them if needed and keep on breaking theNanotech and ammo crates. When he has losed half of his health, a cutscene will play.

After the cutscene Klunk activates Robo-Ratchet. He'll run to you, keep shooting the Wrist Mortars or Kudzu Tangles at him while you can. He will then throw an Agents of Dread capsule releasing four agents. They'll start firing Acid Bomb capsules at you. Keep avoiding the acid and use the Wrist Mortar to kill them all with one shot. When all of the bots are down, Klunk will jump in either the Kingpin or Robo-Nefarious and you will battle them.

When you will face Robo-Ratchet again he will load up his modified Sniper Mine. Keep shooting Wrist Mortars or Kudzu Tanges at him while you can. Then he'll shoot a mine on the ground which will explode into a huge blue explosion. Keep running backwards but make sure you do not fall in water. Then he'll start reloading the sniper. Again plant a Kudzu Tangle or fire a Wrist Mortar. Then avoid the second explosion.

After that, you will basically switch around with these bosses, until you shutdown one and enter a stealth mode with Klunk.

Then you will keep doing the above in a pattern until Klunk is defeated.

An alternate (but expensive) strategy is to use the Wrist Mortar all the time and use the Agency PDA to get ammo for it. This is an easy way to beat the fight but it may waste you a lot of bolts.


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