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Hello. Take A LOOK at my vid comics. They are my stories! I have only one so far. It is called Nobody's Heartless. It is about the fused lives of Kingdom Hearts and Sonic the Hedgehog. Please enjoy:


PART ONE: A Heart’s Dividing

(Thorndyke Home)

SONIC: I'm pooped

TAILS: Me too, Spongebob's back in Bikini Bottom.

SONIC: I miss him.

KNUCKLES: Hey Sonic, what's up?

SONIC: Nothin'

(Sonic put his feet onto the couch)

SONIC: It sure was nice enough of the Thorndykes to let us crash here.

KUCKLES: Things have been too quiet without Spongebob.

TAILS: You know it.

SONIC: Where's the door?

TAILS: I had it destroyed.

SONIC: What?

(Door appears in front of the television.)

KNUCKLES: What? Is this the dimensional door.

SONIC: I thought you had it destroyed.

TAILS: It must be self-repairing.

SONIC: Well, the Bikini Bottomites must be frazzled. Let’s check on them.

CHRIS: Hey, what’s going on?

SONIC: Look.

CHRIS: What’s that doin’ here? My Uncle Sam is going to kill me when he sees this.

TAILS: Where’re your parents?

CHRIS: They’re on vacation. They wanted to bring me, but they thought I should stay and keep you company.

TAILS: Uh… Sonic

SONIC: Yeah?

TAILS: This isn’t the dimensional door.

SONIC: How is this not the dimensional door?

(Tails stands up and walks to the door.)

SONIC: Should we still check it out?

TAILS: No harm, no foul.

KNUCKLES: Well then, let’s go

(Knuckles walked forward)

TAILS: Okay.

CHRIS: Can I come?

SONIC: No, I don’t think so. We can’t be held responsible

(Sonic and Tails followed Knuckles)


SONIC: Maybe next time.

(Tails grabbed the left door handle and Knuckles grabbed the right one.)

CHRIS: Goodbye.

SONIC: Later

(Tails and Knuckles opened the door and they walked in.)

SONIC: Here goes nothing.

(Sonic followed Tails and Knuckles)

CHRIS: Good Luck

(End of the World)

SONIC: Where the heck are we?

TAILS: I don’t have any idea. There are at least 10 different names for world and they are all strung together.

SONIC: So you’re saying that there are over 10 world in this one dimension?

(A smaller door appeared across the room.)

SONIC: Another one?

TAILS: I think I got over 10 different outcomes due to this being a transfer world. That door leads to our destination.

SONIC: Then let’s go.

(They went through the door.)

(Destiny Islands)

SONIC: What? Where are we?

TAILS: We’re on an islet.

SONIC: Don’t you mean an island?

TAILS: No, this is an islet.


TAILS: Look!

(A girl looked down from a tree-house balcony.)

(Music to My Sanctuary plays as Sonic stares.)

Ah ha ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah. Wonk uoy naht noiceffa erom deen i. In you and I there’s a new land. Angel’s in flight. Wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen i. My Sanctuary, My Sanctuary, now. Where fears and lies melt away. Music is alive. Wonk uoy naht noiceffa erom deen i. What’s left of me? What’s left of me, now? My heart is for you! My hearts a battle ground! I want you fast asleep. All I fear, means nothing. In you and I there’s a new land. Angel’s in flight. Wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen i. My Sanctuary, My Sanctuary, now. Where fears and lies melt away. Music is alive. Wonk uoy naht noiceffa erom deen i. What’s left of me? What’s left of me, now?

(Kairi ran up to Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles)

KAIRI: Hello.

SONIC: Hey. I… huh… well… hi!

(Kairi giggles)

KAIRI: I’m Kairi.

SONIC: I... um… I’m…

TAILS: His name is Sonic. I’m Tails.

KNUCKLES: And I’m Knuckles.

(All three of them held out their hands which Kairi shook.)

SONIC: So, do you live on this islet?


SONIC: By yourself?

KAIRI: Yes, well, no. My friend Selphie lives here and two boys, they aren’t here.

SONIC: Where are they?

KAIRI: We were separated.

TAILS: What’re their names?

KAIRI: Well one of them is Riku and the other one is… Roxas I think.

SONIC: Do you know where they are?

KAIRI: Riku has been taken by the darkness and I don’t know where Roxas is.

TAILS: Hope you find them soon.

SONIC: Why don’t we help?

TAILS: Yeah, we have time.

KAIRI: I couldn’t ask you to do that.

KNUCKLES: C’mon. What could it hurt?

KAIRI: Right, but…

SONIC: What?

KAIRI: I’m coming to!


KAIRI: Riku and Roxas are my friends! I won’t let them down!

TAILS: What do you say Sonic?


KAIRI: What?

SONIC: I have a bad feeling. Next time. Kay?

KAIRI: You stupid Hedgehog! What am I supposed to do?

SONIC: Go play with Selphie!

KAIRI: Fine!

(Kairi threw her arms down and stormed off)

KNUCKLES: What’ll we do?

SONIC: Do we search the worlds?

(Knuckles and Sonic looked at Tails)

TAILS: Sure, but we need a ship.

SONIC: I have an idea.

TAILS: What?

SONIC: Let’s go back to Apotos and get the Tornado X.

TAILS: That’s a great idea!

KNUCKLES: Sonic. Can you run and pick it up?

SONIC: Sure!

TAILS: Okay. See ya!

(Sonic doubled back to the treehouse)

KNUCKLES: Well, let’s get a move on.

TAILS: Okay.

(They went to the door too)

(End of the World)

(Tails and Knuckles ran and stopped near the Door to Darkness)


SONIC: This is… a new door. Where is the door to Apotos?

ANSEM: Gone.


(They all turned around to see a man with dark skin, silver hair, and crossed arms.)

TAILS: Who’re you?

ANSEM: It is I… Ansem

SONIC: Ansem?

(Ansem chuckled)

ANSEM: What might I ask are you three doing here?

SONIC: What do you care?

ANSEM: I don’t

(No one spoke)

ANSEM: On the other hand…

(He snapped his fingers and Sonic fell to the ground shaking.)

ANSEM: The group that is called Organization XIII is a group of Nobodies all ruthless and mean… The first is number XIII of the gang a boy sacrificed in darkness left to hang… The next is XII a savage woman She’ll claw you and shock you like any strong man…Then there’s XI a solitary one beating him I tell you, will not be fun… Then number X, the Gambler of Fate, the game that he plays will end your slate… Number IX, a coward if there aver was one. Fun is the way that your victory will come…Number VIII is the traitor but not on your side. Keep an eye on him, his time all of bide… Number VII is berserk; he’s crazy, he’s mad. He’s destructive and menacing, his muscles iron clad…Then VI is a scholar, a magician at that. Do not let him take you into a splat… Then V is strength of all that we have. He’ll attack you and smack you with one fatal stab… Then IV is a cold hearted, heartless man. No one can freeze like number IV can. Then III is the master of wind and art. He’ll blow you away right at the start… The II is the master of gun arms and lasers. He’ll shoot you and shock you like that of a tazer… And last number I, the most powerful of all. The last to go before the Organization’s fall.

(Tails and Knuckles were looking at him confused holding up Sonic.)

ANSEM: Give me your heart!

(Ansem shot his hand forward. A dark beam shot out of it and hit Sonic in the chest.)

SONIC: Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

ANSEM: Yes, give it up!

(Sonic’s chest began to glow and his heart floated out.)

KNUCKLES: What did you do?

(Sonic got sucked into the darkness)

TAILS: You monster!

KNUCKLES: Grrrrrrrrrrrrr.

ANSEM: Hmmm. Another nothing.


ANSEM: Another nothing. Number IX is unknown with a great effect shown. And number XV is new to the team.)

TAILS: Organization XIII?

ANSEM: Yes, now XV.

(Knuckles looked where Sonic was, he was back, but his hair stood on end and was pitch black with yellow eyes.)

TAILS: Sonic?

(Shadow Sonic ran up to his face and slashed it. Then he picked him up.)

TAILS: Sonic, no!

(He threw Tails into the air who fell on his ball up fist.)

TAILS: Owwwwww.

(Tails flew away back over to Knuckles.)

ANSEM: Stop!

(Shadow Sonic disappeared.)

TAILS: Thanks.

(Ansem shook his head and then stepped into the darkness.)

KNUCKLES: Let’s go ask Kairi about this.

TAILS: Okay… you go. I’ve got to try to find Sonic.

(Knuckles went back through the smaller door)

(Destiny Islands)


KAIRI: What?

KNUCKLES: Something happened to Sonic!

(Kairi spun around and crossed her arms.)

KNUCKLES: Kairi, you know Sora didn’t mean what he said.

KAIRI: Yes he did! Sora and Riku never let me go with them either.

KNUCKLES: Who’s Sora?

KAIRI: Oh right that’s his name! Not Roxas… Sora! Ugh… how can I help?

(Knuckles looked surprised)

KNUCKLES: I was hoping you could tell me what a Heartless and a Nothing is.

KAIRI: Well.

KNUCKLES: You know, right?

KAIRI: I know about Heartless and by Nothing I assume you mean Nobody.

KNUCKLES: I guess.

KAIRI: Well, heartless are creatures created when a person loses their heart. The heart then becomes trapped within a heartless.

KNUCKLES: And Nobodies?

KAIRI: A hollow shell neither in light nor dark. The hollow shell left behind when a strong hearted person is turned into a heartless. This shell acts on its own.

KNUCKLES: Is there a way to return them to normal?

(Kairi shook her head)

KAIRI: I just don’t know.

KNUCKLES: Who c-could I ask?

KAIRI: None but Ansem knows.

KNUCKLES: That horrible man that turned Sonic into a Heartless?

KAIRI: No… that was not Ansem.

KNUCKLES: Who is he?

KAIRI: Hey! Where’s that other guy?


KAIRI: Yeah?

KNUCKLES: He’s looking for Sonic.

KAIRI: He won’t find him.


(Kairi shook her head)

KAIRI: When a heartless is created, the original dies out.

KNUCKLES: Original…Organ

KAIRI: Huh?`

KNUCKLES: Ansem, or whoever it was said something about Organization XIII.

KAIRI: Oh? Don’t worry about them. Sora and Riku finished off all twelve. Xemnas, Xigbar, Xaldin, Vexen, Lexaeus, Zexion, Saix, Axel, Demyx, Luxord, Marluxia, and Larxene.

KNUCKLES: What about number XIII? Did they ever finish him off?

KAIRI: Knuckles, what would thi9s world be if people finished off their own Nobodies?


KAIRI: Sora was turned into a Heartless once.

KNUCKLES: Wow, this Sora has really been through the abyss and back.

KAIRI: Well, it’s his responsibility as the Keyblade master.

KNUCKLES: Huh? What’s a Keyblade?

KAIRI: It’s the only weapon that can kill a Heartless.

KNUCKLES: So, numbers 1-12.

KAIRI: 1-13

KNUCKLES: But you said that Sora didn’t…

(Kairi sighed)

KAIRI: Before the fall, Roxas quit the Organization.

KNUCKLES: But you said that Sora was once a Heartless. He’s not anymore?


KNUCKLES: So, I can still save Sonic!

KAIRI: I…I’m not sure.

KNUCKLES: Kairi, c’mon, we have a hedgehog to save.

(Knuckles pulled Kairi by the arm to the door.)

(End of the World)

KAIRI: No! Not here again! This place brings back terrible memories! I got separated from Sora here. Riku was behind that door there, in the Realm of Darkness. Xehanort’s Heartless… This is his fault!

KNUCKLES: So, where’s Tails?

(Tails was sitting leaned up against the door to darkness.)

KNUCKLES: Tails, what’s wrong?

TAILS: We can’t get to Sonic.

KNUCKLES: No point.

KAIRI: It’s a long story.

(Knuckles turned to face Kairi.)

KNUCKLES: I’ll stay this time.

(A sphere of light appeared behind them.)

KAIRI: What?


(Kairi began to walk over to it.)

KAIRI: Hmmm.\

TAILS: Don’t touch it!

KAIRI: It’s light. What could it hurt?

(Kairi picked up the light and it turned into a Keyblade.)


KNUCKLES: What is that?

KAIRI: A… a Keyblade?

KNUCKLES: What? I thought Sora was the Keyblade master.

KAIRI: This one… I fought Nobodies with.

KNUCKLES: Well, Sonic sure underestimated you.

KAIRI: You got that right!

(Kairi pointed the Keyblade at the door to darkness)

KAIRI: It’s open.

KNUCKLES: Well, that just solves that doesn’t it?

TAILS: Sonic!

(Sonic stepped out of the door to darkness)

SONIC: What happened?


(Sonic fell over.)

KAIRI: He’s been subjected to the darkness.

SONIC: Ahhhh!

TAILS: What?

(Kairi shook her head.)

KAIRI: This is Riku all over again.

(A boy with long, gray, spiky hair walked out of the door to darkness.)

KAIRI: Riku!

KNUCKLES: What about him?

(Kairi pointed at Riku.)


RIKU: Kairi! What are you doing here? This place is about to go!

SONIC: We need to get home!

RIKU: No! If your worlds here, it’s as good as gone.

TAILS: But, my Tornado!

(Riku shook his head pushing all but Kairi)

RIKU: Get back to the island!

TAILS: Actually it’s called an islet.


(He pushed Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles into the door.)

RIKU: Kairi, let’s go.

(She walked in and the door slammed.)


(Riku ran into the center of the platform and it was purged into darkness.)

(Destiny Islands)

KAIRI: Riku!

KNUCKLES: Can that key fix this?


TAILS: It’s gone?

AXEL: Yes.

(A man in a black cloak and red spiky hair stepped out of a darkness path.)


TAILS: Who’re you?

AXEL: The name’s Axel, got it memorized?


(Axel turned to Kairi.)

KAIRI: I thought you were dead.

AXEL: I wasn’t dead. None of us were.

KAIRI: So… Xemnas.

AXEL: At the castle.

KAIRI: Is he…

(Axel hung his head.)

AXEL: Sorry about this.

(Axel spread out his arms and his weapons appeared.)

SONIC: Oh no, you don’t!

(Sonic jumped on top of Axel but he shook him off.)

KAIRI: You’re a traitor! Sora said you’d changed!

AXEL: Oh I have. Xemnas promised me a new heart. I need one.

SONIC: Wait! You said traitor! Your number eight!

AXEL: Yup… got it memorized? \ KAIRI: Where’s Sora?

AXEL: Haven’t a clue.

(Axel turned around and ran into a darkness path.)

KAIRI: After him!

(They all ran through.)

(The Castle That Never Was)

XEMNAS: Where is that accursed Axel?

MARLUXIA: I told you we couldn’t trust him.

LARXENE: Marluxia!

MARLUXIA: Shut up!

(Axel stepped out of a darkness path.)

MARLUXIA: See… I told you he’s alone.

(Kairi, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles walked out of the portal.)

AXEL: You were saying?

XEMNAS: Axel! You’re late!

KAIRI: Xemnas!

XEMNAS: Sit, Axel.

(Axel sat in a chair with a great VIII above it.)

XEMNAS: Well, well, Kairi. It’s nice to see you again, but where’s Sora?

(Axel hung his head.)

XEMNAS: Axel, you’ll be punished.

KAIRI: Well, we can see you’re all here; except Roxas.

XEMNAS: Actually, we are short 3 of our number.

KAIRI: Oh right… Xion. But who’s number fifteen?

XEMNAS: His name is Xonic. Yes, Sonic, you have a very strong heart.

KAIRI: Sonic’s got a Nobody too?


(They all turned around and they say a black and gray Sonic wearing a black cloak and with a Nobody symbol on his head.)


(Xonic held out his arm and a Keyblade appeared.)

SONIC: Another one?

(Xonic ran forward and hit Larxene and she fell to the floor. Then Xigbar shot at him and he sent the lasers back. Xigbar fell.)

XONIC: Want to give it a go?


XONIC: If you’re up to it.

(Another Keyblade appeared in Xonic’s other hand which he passed to Sonic.)

SONIC: Thanks.

XEMNAS: Stop. Larxene, Xigbar, on your feet.

LARXENE: Sorry, Xemnas, he caught me off guard.

XEMNAS: I sense that meddlesome King!

(A short person appeared wearing a hood. He had huge ears.)

SONIC: Who’s that?

KAIRI: It’s King Mickey.

SONIC: Who’s King Mick?

KAIRI: Shhhh!

MICKEY: I’m sorry fellas, too many Keyblades.

(Mickey snapped his finger and Sonic’s Keyblade disappeared.)

KAIRI: But, Your Majesty, how will we defend ourselves?

MICKEY: Don’t worry about that!

(He ran to the door.)

KAIRI: Stop!

(Mickey turned around, winked, then left.)

XONIC: What was that about?

(They all turned around and the Organization members were gone.)

XONIC: Hey! I wasn’t finished with you!

SONIC: Wow, you look just like me.

XONIC: Whadda ya expect?

SONIC: I don’t know.

XONIC: Wow, my original form is a real doofus.


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