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Valkyries, decades ago, your colony was atomized in the Erebus Supernova. How would you like to have it back?
Dr. Nefarius  

The Valkyrie colony was an unnamed planet in which a large number of Valkyries once resided on, at a point in time when male Valkyries could still be found with the female Valkyries. How they came to colonize this planet, or the current fate of their original homeworld is unknown. Unfortunately for the Valkyries, their colony was atomized by the Erebus Supernova which devastated the Polaris Galaxy.[1] The surviving Valkyries would colonize planet Vapedia in the Bernilius Sector.

Decades later, Dr. Nefarius offered the Valkyries a chance to have it back in return for their services as mercenaries to aid him in killing of Ratchet and Azimuth.


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