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This is the walkthrough for planet Vapedia in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time.

Now that you have destroyed Carina, land on Vapedia. You will be on the planet with Alister Azimuth but the first thing to do is to go to the GrummelNet vendor. The Mag-Net Launcher will be in stock now and you should buy it because it is a lot more important in this game than it was in Tools of Destruction - especially on this planet because of the abundance of larger enemies which you will encounter: the Valkyries. If you have a Tools of Destruction game save you are in luck because you will get a discount which lower the price of 74,000 bolts to 37,500. Buy this as it is very useful for this level. Now turn left and go down the path and you will greeted by some Anthropods.

Getting to the Citadel

Vapedia zoni

One of the two Zoni you can get in Vapedia

Now do not worry, you do not need to use the Mag-Net Launcher here, it is better off saved for the much larger and stronger Valkyries. Just use your wrench here to wipe out the Anthropods or any lightweight weapons that still haven't been fully upgraded. Now go straight up and you will see an armor vendor, and it's time to buy the Thermaflux armor if you haven't already. It costs 50,000 bolts which should be in your hands in this point in the game. Once you have got it, turn right and head up to where the hover bolt, but don't latch onto it. Instead, head to the stepping stone straight up ahead and hop onto the next island where you will see a collectable Zoni. It will run away at first but just go up to it and catch it. Over here, there is a Zyphoid Spawner and some small Zyphoids. Just destroy the Spawner first and wrench the Zyphoids. Break open the Massive crate if you haven't already for some extra bolts and ammunition.

Rusty hover bolts

Vapedia rust

The rusty hover bolt and the locked up oil dispenser

20120424191926!Vapedia oil

Use the omni-soaker here to collect oil to clean the rusty hover bolt

Now head back to where the Zoni was first situated and high jump or double jump so you can stick to the kick pad. Bounce off and keep on doing this until you reach the rusty hover bolt. Turn right to the clean hover bolt and latch onto it. Let go after aiming to the ramp to the left then kick pad your way to the island with the Breegus Wasps. Use the Buzz Blades here; if you just bought the Mag-Net Launcher this is a good place to test it out. They'll freeze the wasps so you will not have to go through the bother of dodging their rapid projectiles. The Mag-Net will take care of the rest so just turn right and use your kinetic tether to bring the spring pad down. Then jump off it and wrench grab the Battery Bot. Keep it in your grasp after you glide onto the island with the hover bolts and throw it onto the sockets of the building that currently is locking in the oil dispenser. Now head back to the clean hover bolt again, but this time aim to the right and boost off the ramp. You will see some crates, and if you want to rack in the bolts just perform a quick on-the-move comet-strike. You will see another Battery Bot here but do not get hold thereof first. Time to get another weapon out that is not fully upgraded to take out the Zyhpoids and their spawners. If you have recently obtained the Constructo Shotgun use it here to gain experience therefor as it will take out several Zyphoids at once. Now that you have cleared the area tether the spring down and collect the Battery Bot. Jump onto the spring and make your way back to the building and plug the Battery Bots in to open the gate. Now you have got access to oil use your OmniSoaker to suck it up and shoot it out onto the hover bolt to clean it up. Finally, get onto the hover bolt and kick pad your way to the next island.

Swinging for bolts

You will see three Valkyire buildings in the distance, but to your left you will see some Swingshot targets. They're leading to a gold bolt so swing your way to the island over there to collect your reward.

Swing back to find that there is another gold bolt around the corner! To make sure you are in the right place, ensure you are at the checkpoint where you can see the three buildings. Now turn right and get your Hoverboots out because you need long jump your way onto the floating platform that holds the kick pad, straight ahead. Once you are there, long jump again to the island right in front of you. Now face the hoverboot ramp but turn right and go around the large rock where you will find some Swingshot targets that will take you to another island. Now break open those crates and go between the two rocks to find some Zyphoids. The shotgun is again recommended here as it can take them out quickly, alternatively you could always comet-strike the pollen plant to rain explosive bulbs, but be sure to stay out of the way. Once they've been cleaned up hop over to the island to the left and again use the shotgun to take out the Anthropods. Now go around the corner and you will see another gold bolt than can be reached by going up the steps. Just make sure to destroy the explosive crates from a distance as they are a-plenty and you do not want to lose any Nanotech. Once you have got it, jump down and go back the same way you got here with the Swingshots and kick-pad platform. If you fall down, no worries because you will spawn back at the checkpoint.

Meet the Valkyries

Now you are at the checkpoint, head forward to the buildings and you will be greeted by some Valkyires with huge mallets. You have be nifty here to avoid their colossal hammers, and either the Mag-Net Launcher or any other non-fully upgraded weapon will do. Unfortunately, the Pollen Plants are quite useless here but if you want to raise down the health you might as well use them anyway (from range). Once you clear out the initial waves of Valkyries, aerial ones will appear and these are a big pain to destroy because they are very mobile and at quite at a range. This is where something like the Negotiator comes in handy (or the Buzz Blades), although it still takes more than one shot to kill them with a Negotiator. A trick with the aerial Valkyries is to use the Negotiator to get them on foot (usually one shot will make them incapable of flying) and then use something like the Mag-Net Launcher to finish them off. Another tip is to get them off the island. The shotgun does this very well as it pushes them back and even if they didn't lose all their health, once they fall off, they are dead meat. It is very easy to lose health here, so sideflipping and jumping all of the time is really useful as their rockets can hit the ground around you, a lot. Once they have all been defeated, you have to go through the middle building; just hoverboot to the end of the path.

Wrench puzzles

Now this is where it looks confusing, but figuring it out for the first time makes the job a lot easier. Now, the bolt crank will have two blue "bars" (at least in the first puzzle). The aim of the game is to extend the bars so once you have turned the bolt crank, the bars will cover the glowing bars underneath. For this first puzzle, simply use the kinetic tether to drag both bars out. Then turn the bolt crank and if successful, the walkway will rotate so you can head over to the transport on the other end. Now hoverboot to the transport and it will take you to yet another "wrench puzzle."

Now this is where your brain will be needed. Only one glowing bar can be seen, but some "over-bars" are already covering it. The first job is to slide all over-bars back so all the glowing bars can be seen. From here you can work it out: there is one bar on one side, and adjacent to them there are three bars. When facing away from the lone bar you the bar on the right should be extended, and the bar on the right should be slid back. The bar in the middle should also be extended. The lone bar one the other side should also be extended. Now turn the bolt crank and the puzzle will be complete and if successful you can head straight forward to the Citadel's entrance.

The Valkyrie Citadel

A lone Lombax

Azimuth will leave you now, so you have to fight off the Valkyries by yourself. Now that their mostly aerial, it's better off to use some of the stronger weapons. However, the Negotiator is best saved for later encounters with the Valkyries, so a good weapon to fend off the enemies would be the Buzz Blades as the high rate of fire can take out Valkyries quickly and is best used for strong enemies in abundance rather than single strong enemies or many small enemies. Once they have all gone, a door in a building will open and you need to go through that. You will be met by even more Valkyries but you can use your Negotiator here or even your wrench as they are not much a threat in numbers. Now it's time to use the Mag-Net Launcher again to captivate the Valkyries in the air and those in the distance. It will take two nets to squeeze each one to death, so you can use one to weaken them or get them onto the ground and use another weapon to finish them off. Once you have cleared the room, a door will open and there will be many turning platforms. Stop immediately as you do not want to rush this part. As soon as the closest platform finishes turning, then jump onto it and keep on doing that. Make sure they have fully turned. You will then enter a room which is the first in a series of challenges.

Cassiopeia's challenges

Vapedia wrench grab

Make sure you lock on and throw the bombs as soon as possible

Cassiopeia will appear and tell you that you have ran right into their training course. Once the cutscene finishes, the doors will be closed and locked and a machine will pop up from the middle of the room. It will then start shooting out bombs (like the ones thrown by Agorians). The aim of this challenge is to throw the bombs back into the holes from where they were shot from and this will harm the machine. Use the comet-strike to pick up the bombs and aim them back at the machine. Press the fire button to throw them. One of the holes will be destroyed and the machine will use its three remaining holes to shoot the bombs back at you. Repeat the process of picking them and throwing them back (quickly as possible) until the machine is completely destroyed. Do not walk or jump into the ring around the room which can electrocute and kill Ratchet.

Once the machine is destroyed, the doors will open: walk through them and there will be two Valkyries in front of you. The Sonic Eruptor or the Spiral of Death do great jobs here - or any weapon good for taking out multiple but large targets. If doing this with a fully upgraded Negotiator, the Judicator, you can take out the two enemies with only two shots (will usually take four single shots to take out two Valkyries) as the multiple rockets will take care of the duo. Once they've been destroyed, two flying Valkyries will appear but a mag-net for each one will destroy them. A ramp will then pop up and you need to equip your hoverboots to boost over to the other building.

Now it's time for the second challenge which will be introduced to you by Cassiopeia. The trick here is to light up all the pads, but they are found on separate rings which themselves rotate in different directions. Furthermore, there will be Microdrones bugging you on the way. And to think that was enough, they've kindly installed a nerve toxin generator which will slowly reduce your Nanotech. So do not worry if you hear Ratchet groaning (which usually indicates being attacked), it's actually the nerve toxin. A useful way to do this is to use the Hoverboots to get to each pad. You do not have to worry about the Microdrones but you can destroy them with the swing of your wrench; however, this will halt acceleration with the hoverboots.

The first round is easy, there is only two and quickly boost to the other one to complete it. Then it will be harder with them going in all directions. Prioritise the nearest ones to complete the challenge quickly and not to lose health from the nerve toxin. If there is one going in a counter-direction (slowing you down on its corresponding ring), go to one that goes in the right direction and hop back onto the correct ring to speed up the process of reaching the pads. Once all rounds are completed, Azimuth will radio you and one of the doors will open. At this point there will be two open doors, but the one with crates in the doorway is the correct door.

Now there will be more turning platforms, but they will turn in columns from right to left. Wait for the right one completely turn and then hop onto the middle one (after it has completely turned) and then hop onto the one in front (still in the middle column) and then into the building. More Valkyries (on foot) will attack you, so use more of those crowd control weapons on them. Then aerial Valkyries will appear. Again, use the Mag-Net Launcher to get them on foot or to weaken them, then use another weapon to finish them off. It is better off to save the Buzz Blades here so you can use them in later parts. Now if you have got them in the Mag-Net launcher, quickly boot your way to the vertical bolt crank and use it open the screen in front of you. By the time you have opened the screen, the Valkyries you had got with the Mag-Net Launcher would have escaped and got on foot, but will pose no harm to you from distance. This then gives you enough time to lower the screen, and once you have done it, use the Spiral of Death or the shotgun to take out them on-foot Valkyries, taking caution of the aerial Valkyries that have just entered through the screen. Repeat the process with the aerial ones (use the Mag-Net launcher method) and then use the Negotiator or Buzz Blades to take out the remaining Valkyries and the two that appeared in the central platform. The central platform is also home to a Zoni which you can quickly get. Once you have done that, there is a Constructo Mod in the area. It can be collected by going right through the open area (not the one which you opened via lowering the screen), and hopping onto the platform which it is located on. Get it and then be careful of the Valkyries which will be using their rockets to take you out from distance. If you are a skilled sniper, use the Plasma Striker to take them out from distance, preferably hitting their weak spots (marked with a red circle) - and also taking note from their occasional rockets that could hit you. If you can't use the Plasma Striker very well, head back to the Valkyries and repeat the Mag-Net process.


Do not rush into the turning platforms

Now go through the open area which you opened via the screen and in front of you will be even more turning platforms. They are in a circular pattern and will turn separately clockwise. Jump onto the closest one right thereafter has turn then go to the one on the left of that, and that one in front to get to the building on the other side. If you one turns right before you land on it, glide in the air for a bit so you allow enough time therefor to completely turn so you land safely. Now it's time for another challenge after the cutscene.

The aim here is to get all the Battery Bots into their sockets around the room. However, there are Microdrones everywhere. Always prioritise the Battery Bots, but if there is a Microdrone bugging you, wrench him. A cool trick is to use the Comet-Strike to get the Battery Bots from a difference, but aim it in such a way so that it hits a Microdrone or two along the way, making the process a lot faster. In fact, you will end up doing this most of the time regardless. The Microdones will continuously warp into the room, but they will group up so comet-strikes and jump-strikes are very effective here to take them all out at once.

Bolts and puzzles

Now a door will open but instead of going through there, go through the door to the left of that and you will see a gold bolt. Go up to it and get it, then go around the platform to the back where you will find a RYNO V holo-plan piece! Then come back to the room and go through the other open door. There will be more aerial Valkyries, which can be easily defeated with a Mag-Net or a Negotiator if you want to do it quickly. Once they've all been cleared, there will be another wrench puzzle. Now there will be four on one side and adjacent to them will be a lone bar. Make sure the lone bar is slid back and also make sure the bar closest to the lone bar that is in the group of four is also slid back. Then turn the bolt. Now you will be able to hoverboot across to the next building.

Over here, even more Valkyries appear… The initial wave are all aerial and flying. One will hover over a hole in the ground, and it is best to use the Negotiator on her while the others which are hovering in open air should be trapped with a Mag-Net. Then more Valkyries will appear with hammers, on foot, through the doors. Use the shotgun here, or any other weapon that is not upgraded fully. Make sure you do not accidentally trigger the teleporter back to Aphelion! There is a vendor around the corner, so top-up on that. Then you can use the Buzz Blades to take out the great amount of flying Valkyries. Then more will come through the door in the middle, but they will be on foot, so you can use the shotgun. Once they've all gone, go back to the vendor and top up because you need to prepare for a boss fight with Cassiopeia. Go through the door in the middle once you have topped up.

Boss fight

Cassiopeia will fly around in her machine, often staying in the middle but sometimes straying out far. If she is in the middle, you can try and freeze her with the CryoMine Glove and then use the Plasma Striker. In this first stage, it is better off to use up all of your weaker weapons: the ones you got at the start of the game, and try to lower her health down as much as you can. There will be some green splashes around the platforms you can go on and you have to avoid these. Always try to move and swingshot or long jump across the platforms - stay on your toes so you can avoid her attacks and to spread her attacks out. If one platform is concentrated with green splashes and rockets, then you are doomed and need move as quickly as possible. Another attack of here are the rockets. The area where the rocket will land is shown on the ground so make sure you flip around the place to avoid being the target or being on these marked areas. This also means hopping across platforms.

Once you have got a quarter of her health down, she will fly away leaving you to deal with a few more Valkyries. Just trap them with the mag-net once and they will go away but Cassiopeia will come back. Again, keep using weaker weapons - and just use the same weapon until all its ammo has gone. Try changing weapons once another increment of health has gone and she has flew away and came back again. In the second "round" she will start using a laser attack, but this easy to avoid as long as you are strafing and side-flipping. After she flies away and leaves you with more Valkyries, just Mag-Net them once and it will destroy them. Now she will starting use more rockets, so it's time to use some stronger weapons. Seeing as rockets are flying everywhere, you are going to need a weapon with a high rate of fire so you can shoot on the move. This is where the Buzz Blades come in. Once a platform is completely littered with rocket debri and remains, swingshot to the next one regularly. Ammo will reappear but take a habit of switching weapons once the ammo has completely gone. Cassiopeia will occasionally perform an air strike move, so at this point, keep on moving platforms and getting ammo boxes along the way. Finish her off with Negotiator and if that runs out, use the weaker weapons again, or the Buzz Blades if you have more ammo for them.

Rejoining Clank

After that awesome cutscene, Azimuth has left but you have still got a partner, Clank. Now in this game, Clank's long jump and high jump abilities still remain but are combined with the Hoverboots for a deadly combination. Try doing some of Clank's moves, by holding R2 and pressing X while running or staying still. Once you have got used to him, get in your ship and to space!


Gold bolts

  • The first one can be found on the way to the Valkyrie Citadel. When you are at the checkpoint before you first fight the Valkyries, turn left instead of heading forward and you will see a series of Swingshots and a faint glow at the end. Swing through and collect the gold bolt.
  • Again, at the same place the previous gold bolt was reached from, this time turn right and you will see a kick-pad. Instead of jumping off the kick pad, boost your way onto its platform and then boost off onto the island at the other side. Now face the hoverboot ramp but turn left and go around the large rock where you will find some Swingshot targets that will take you to another island. Now break open those crates and go in between the two rocks to find some Zyphoids. The shotgun is again recommended here as it can take them out en masse. Or you could always comet-strike the pollen plant to rain explosive bulbs, but make sure to stay out the way. Once they've been cleaned up, hop over to the island to the left and again use the shotgun to take out the Anthropods. Now go around the corner and you will see another gold bolt than can be reached by going up the steps. Just make sure to destroy the explosive crates from a distance as they are a-plenty and you do not want to lose any Nanotech. Once you have got it, jump down and go back the same way you got here with the Swingshots and kick-pad platform. If you fall down, no worries because you will spawn back at the checkpoint.
  • Once you completed the last Cassiopeia training course challenge, a door will open but do not go through it. Instead to the left thereof is another door, but it is closed. But go up it and then go through the door and you will see a gold bolt. Go up to it and get it, then go around the platform to the back where you will find a RYNO V holo-plan piece!

Holo-plan schematics

  • As explained above, there is one behind the last gold bolt. Just go around the platform to find it.

Constructo mods

  • At the area after the second Cassiopeia challenge where you fight the Valkyries in the room, there will be a screen to the left which can be lowered to open it and an already opened screen to the right. Go through the one that is already opened and then hop onto the platform to get the Constructo mod.

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