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This is the walkthrough for Vela Depot in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time.


Retrieve core sample from comet

The Vullard League of Celestial Oddities are interested in a new comet that has appeared in the sector. A Vullard of that league wants you to obtain a sample of the comet's isotopes so that they can create a new form of energy. Head to your ship and look for the comet in your minimap. It is a light blue pulsing indicator. When you are near the comet head to its tail and shoot it's core to expose the sample. When the sample is exposed a square indicator should appear in the comet's core. Use your Ship Tether to grap the sample and get out of the comet's tail before your ship gets destroyed. The Vullard happily gives you 3000 bolts.

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