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This is the walkthrough for Vela Sector in Ratchet & Clank Future: A Crack in Time.





Collect warp drive components

This mission can be found to the north of Vela Alpha near the ship graveyard. A Vullard's grav-o-metric warp drive has been neutralized. You have to use your Ship Tether to collect warp drive components marked with blue pulsing indicators on your mini map. Collect a component and fly back to the Vullards ship and he will grap it. You have to give him three components in total. When done the Vullard will give you 3000 bolts.

Tow the Vullard ship

This mission can be found above Vela Depot. A Vullard transport vessel has become disabled in dangerous part of space. The Vullards asks you to tow it to the Vela Depot. The vessel is a yellow pulsing triangle on the minimap. Fly to it and grap it with the Ship Tether. Then head to Vela Depot. Halfway to the depot you will be attacked by Nefarious' ships. Destroy all 20 of them to continue. Then tow the ship to the depot. The Vullard will give you 3000 bolts for your trouble.

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