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This is the walkthrough for Veldin in Ratchet & Clank.

First Meeting Clank

This toaster will be your sidekick for the rest of the game

Investigate crash site

This is the first step of the mighty series. Turn around and run to garage. Might notice a Qwark poster right? Now destroy all the crates in the garage, and head out and wrench down the horny toads. Head forward and defeat the other horny toads. Remember to smash boxes, boxes mean bolts, bolts mean wicked weapons. Go over the bridge and defeat the two horny toads. Jump up the ledge and smack the horny toad. Jump over to the over clifftop, carry on and smash more boxes, take a careful look at the glass one, this is Nanotech, it help replenish your life. Smack the other horny toads and go to the right, kill the rest of the horny toads and smash the boxes, now go back to the inside the crashed ship. These robots are much trouble, two wacks of the Omniwrench 8000 and they are down, but if you want to be certain, get out your Gadgetron Bomb glove and throw one bomb.

When you go round the corner, you will notice a Horny toad being shot at by a robot. Smack the toad and throw a bomb at a robot. Up ahead are three more robots, use the bomb glove to kill them and smack the boxes. This box here is an ammo crate, these give you gadgetron ammo when you smash them. Go ahead and kill the last four robots. Smash the last four boxes and then walk up to the crash site. *Cutscene begins*

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Return To Veldin

This is it, the final battle. This level will truly test your weapon, jumping, survival, and Trespasser skills. (NOTE: The Gadgetron PDA is extremely helpful on this planet especially during the battle with Drek.) First, prepare yourself by purchasing the maximum amount of ammunition for every weapon you have. Make sure the Devastator, Visibomb Gun, Blaster, and Tesla Claw is full of ammo. Start the level by jumping down and attacking the small group of Elite Guards that drop out of an Armed Transport. You might want to use the wrench if you are going for the Going Commando skill point. After these are downed, go up the incline and across the bridge, killing Elites as you go. Hop up the ledges to what appears to be a destroyed metal tube. Kill the Elites in there. Stop now if you want to live. A frightening sight awaits. An Armed Transport sets itself down in front of you and waits. Move within range, and there is a good chance you will not survive. Go back and arm yourself with the Visibomb. Launch a 'Bomb and nail the transport in the front from out of range. Move up until you can see a lone Missile Tank pacing back and forth on the ledge across. Again repeat the procedure, stand back, launch 'Bomb and watch the fireworks. Run through the arch and take on the Elites from afar, making sure you stay out of range of the Missile Tank. Once the Elites are dead, equip Visibomb and defeat the tank. Run towards the bridge and look for an Armed Transport hovering ominously above it. As soon as you see it, get out of range and Visibomb it. Go across the bridge and use the Trespasser. Climb the Magneboot path. At the top of the cylinder is a small pool, a Vendor, and a Hydrodisplacer node. Refill your ammo for the Visibomb, you will need it. Drain the water and Thruster-Pack smash the button. Go through the door and use the Devastator to quickly eliminate the Elites at the top of the ledge. Then, use the Visibomb to engage the Missile Tank, the third, and very last one in the level. Proceed across the pit and show the eight Elites what the Devastator can do. Proceed to the end of the platform and begin the more challenging half of the level. While on the platforms on the side of the mountain, beware of the Elites and the two Armed Transports patrolling the area. Swingshot across the chasm abd deal with the Elites. Swingshot down, deal with the enemies, and Trespass on the laser fence. Once it is gone, proceed into the cave-like area and deal with the Elites. Swingshot down towards the opening in the cliff and prepare yourself. Once you climb the ladder, be afraid, very afraid. About sixteen Elite Guards and three Armed Transports sit in the valley. A direct attack is suicide, you will survive about three seconds if you hop down. So instead, follow one of these two steps. STEP ONE: Equip your Visibomb Gun and use it to target the three Armed Transports since these are the biggest threat. Once those are down, use either the Devastator or the Visibomb to target and kill the 15+ Elites flying about. (NOTE: If you hit one Elite, all will fire, so take cover!) STEP TWO: Instead of opening fire, run left and swim through the water area. You will pop out near a very familiar looking pad. It's Giant Clank time. Giant Clank can easily obliterate the entire Blarg army, even destroying the terrifyingly strong Armed Transports with one shot. Basically, you are invincible. Once you are done, smash through the walls with G.C. and prepare yourself for a hard and long fight.

Battling Drek

Drek will start on a circular arena. Use Giant Clank to pummel his equally giant walker until you take off one bar of health. Drek will fly away to a far off plateau and it is your job to follow him. Unfortunately, you lose Giant Clank. The PDA will come in use a LOT during this battle. First, restock on all of your ammo before fighting him. Jump across the faling platforms to reach him. His first stage consists of two different attacks. These are fire-shockwave bombs and mines. First, use the Devastator to hurt him a lot while avoiding these simple attacks. Once you expend your Devastator ammo, if the boss hasn't flown away, hit him with the Blaster until he does. After losing another bar of health, he flies up, transforms his arm into a laser, and blasts the plateau, causing it to shatter. Take this time to restock ammo with the PDA. Once you are full, find the falling platforms that appear, and follow them. The second round is exactly like the last. He has the same attacks, same pattern, and you still only have to take off one bar to make him fly away. Repeat the strategy for the last battle. When he shatters the plateau, find the platforms and follow them. This is the hard part. Start by Thruster-Pack slamming the switch in the middle before the timer switches to 0. Attack Drek with weak weaponry like the Blaster at first (he gets harder every time you take off one bar) For the first bar of health, he only has the previous two attacks. Take off the bar, and run to the edges of the arena. The reason for this is that once you take off a bar, he surrounds himself with a ring of fire and rush you. The edges of the arena are Grindboot tracks and this is the only way to get enough speed to avoid him. After he is done, he activates the button in the middle. Slam it again. He now adds a new attack too his repertoire. These are Dark Gadgebots. Thet patrol the area and hunt you down, just like real ones. Wrench these foes and continue hitting Drek (you should be using the Tesla Claw) Take off another bar and retreat to the Grindrail again. Also, remember to slam the button he activates AGAIN. (man, this guy is stubborn) Finally, he adds another two attacks to his arsenal. First, he can call in a huge swarm of green, glowing Suicide Fighters, little robots who land and try to blow you up by self-detonating. The second is a large blue cannon, not unlike the one he uses to blow up the plateau. He can also occasionally call in an Armed Transport or two to do his bidding. Take off the remaining health of his and finish the fight.

Destroy Drek's Planet once and for all!

After the cutscene, there there should be a green button around the battle arena. Power Slam to push the button and his planet has destroyed. Enjoy the ending cutscene.

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