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This is the walkthrough for Veldin in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal.


When you first arrive on Veldin, you will see two Galactic Rangers having a shootout with two Tyhrranoid Walkers; however, you do not have to fight them yet. A Ranger will throw a grenade at them, blowing them and some smaller Thyrranoids up. Follow the Rangers up the step. One of them will give you the Shock Blaster before running back down to take cover from the Walker charging round the corner. Shoot him with your new gun quickly before he gets a change to fire. Round the corner another Walker will be waiting, along with some smaller Tyhrranoid. Shoot them across the gap, then jump across. Another walker will ambush you, shoot him then stand back as some Rangers finish off some small Thyrranoids. A Ranger will give you a Nitro Launcher. Avoid the Ship's gun fire, one hit with its rapid beam of fire will cripple your health at this stage. After that, there is a hole in the ground. Jump in and you will find a lot of One-Eyed Tyhrranoids. Whack them all with your wrench. You will find yourself in a circular room after that. Do not worry about the Mecha-Tyhrranoid in the center, as the Rangers'll take him out. For now, smash the statues in the corners for some bolts. After the Rangers there warp out, go outside to a small field. Shoot the Mecha-Tyhrranoids that spawn from the dropship, and the one in front of you. After that, it's smooth sailing, as all you have to do is shoot 2 Mecha-Tyhrranoids and whack a lot of the little ones. When you are done, get to the dropship.


You will fly out of the dropship. This part is easy, all you have to do is avoid the missiles. There is a Mecha-Tyhrranoid on an elevated platform to your left after you land, but with your two weapons, you can't shoot it. Go up the ledge to your right and wrench the One-Eyed Tyhrranoids. After that, a Ranger will say, "They're coming out of the rubble!" You will see some Two-Eyed Tyhrranoids come out of the rubble. Shoot them and then One-Eyed Tyhrranoids will come out. Kill them and then a Mecha-Tyhrranoid will come out of the door. Kill it and then go through the door. You will find an attack ship on the ledge, just blast it with the Nitro Launcher. After that, go to the dropship and you have beaten Veldin.

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