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It has been taken to Venantonio, where it will be reunited with its rightful owner.
Casino Owner  [SAC]

Venantonio was an inhospitable planet orbited by two moons, located in the west mid rim of the Solana Galaxy, neighboring the planet Fort Sprocket to the west. Notably, it was also one of the homeworlds of the Amoeboids, along with Rilgar. It had many acid canals, factories, and even an Opera House within one of their cities; however, it had went into decline. The sewers of the planet were too hostile for all forms of life, with the sole exception being the Amoeboids, who thrived in acidic environment. Few citizens of Venantonio talk about the conditions of sewers at all, as the surface itself is already bad enough.

Clank visited here in order to find the Eye of Infinity in the Secret Laboratory. It is also where Qwark sang his opera. Despite Ms. Cute Anastasia Bot's warning in Secret Agent Clank not to fall into the acid, Clank never had to worry about it since the only real spot where he could have fallen in was a small acid creek close to where he started his mission.


  • Venantonio was one of the Amoeboid's homeworld, the other being planet Rilgar.


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