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This is the walkthrough for Venantonio.

When you start the level, you will see a door, and enter in there. Do not follow de slime; go to the left and be careful to the Security fields (or lasers). You are now in a room with two dors, one to pick lock, and a second door to melt a Bracket. Explode The conveyor with cufling bombs, and pick lock The door of the left. There is a continue point and is in there you will find an flamethrower to Melt the second door.

After you open the second door, you will need to plant three Cufflink Bombs in a generator and defeat the enemies to open the door. Now you need punch a hovering platform where you will see explosive Amoeboids. Jump to the hovering platform to climb to the top. Here, you find other hovering platforms and Amoeboids. After you punch some platforms, jump on them and there is a continue point. Melt the bracket and then you will find more Amoeboids.

When you defeat them, use the Flamethrower to break three doors. After you pass them, you find a pick lock. Open the door, and you will find more hovering platforms and enemies. When you destroy all the Amoeboids, punch some platforms to be able jump to the top. Now you will finish the level.

After the level Qwark will sing his opera.At the boss battle (Giant Mama Butterfly) there will be butterflies.(Winged Canine-Bots) Use the bushes that you can jump and stomp one butterfly…WOOO!You travel a lot more further.With this thing chain 5 butterflies without touching the stage to earn a skill point!.

NOTE:You need at least 3 chain to get bonus point.

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