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The Visibomb Gun was a teleguided missile-launcher that had the ability to see through the rocket's eye and allowed the user to control it. The weapon was generally used to pick off enemies at a distance, and although the user had to guide the missile themselves, they did not need to have a large amount of skill to use it successfully. Some individuals who could not handle close combat, could fly this throughout a world, and pick off almost every single threat without actually advancing throughout the world, since the Visibomb's rockets can do at least three times the damage of a Devastator rocket this meant they could stroll through with no trouble, but they would have a very low bolt count, as it cost 100 bolts for one Visibomb shot. If the Visibomb hit an enemy, and it was not destroyed by the blast straight away, the enemy's built in logic would start up. The code encrypted into the game would make the enemy fire toward the individual, even if there were obstacles in the way. This was not normally a problem, although if there were no obstacles, the blasts would hit the individual, often caught unaware as he was navigating the Visibomb. If the user guided the Visibomb too near the edge of the map, the screen would have a fuzzed, 'low signal' effect, and eventually, they would lose control of the Visibomb. Also, approximately 50 seconds after launch, the Visibomb would run out of fuel and the signal would disappear suddenly, with no fuzzed effect. If the player has the Persuader the product could be purchased for 10,000 bolts.

In Going Commando, the effectiveness of the Visibomb had significantly decreased. The Visibomb in Ratchet & Clank killed most enemies, other than bosses, with a single rocket. In Going Commando the Visibomb could take several shots just to kill most medium to large enemies.

Ratchet was often able to use this weapon to attack aircraft or cars that could not easily be reached by any other weapon.

Note that during the beta, this weapon had no 'low signal' status, and the player could fly freely through the world, but if the player went too high, the rocket would turn the opposite way. It worked the same with the jet flying on Pokitaru. However, this was cut because the player could easily escape the designed area of the location.

There was a weapon similar to this that was going to be released in Tools of Destruction, but was cut because of programming errors it did to the Robo Wings. The weapon was also considered 'useless' by the development team.

Mega Visibomb Gun

The Mega Visibomb Gun was the upgrade for the Visibomb Gun in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando as it gave the weapon better strength and more ammo, allowing it to easily handle the enemies encountered in the Bogon Galaxy.

In-game summaries

  • "Visibomb! Steer your missiles with deadly accuracy using the on-board video relay!" - Vendor Description
  • "The Visibomb Gun is the most effective long range weapon made by Gadgetron! Just launch a remote-controlled Visibomb and deliver a massive payload with pinpoint accuracy! Caution: always fire the gun from a safe place, since damage to the user will terminate the missile's flight." - Help Menu Description


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  • On Kalebo III, you can do one lap of the hoverboard course with a visibomb. When standing outside, look into the water and fire a visibomb. Once you go under water you can fly around the course. After one lap the bomb will run out of fuel. Please note that the force fields are up and you cannot deactivate them and also that the only boxes are the wall of metal crates close to the end of the lap.
  • The Visibomb Gun, like every other weapon in the game, was meant to have a Gold version, but it didn't make it into the final game. However, the texture therefor can be found in the game files, and can be unlocked with a cheat device. Since it was not supposed to exist, it had no definite quick-select symbol, but instead had a chicken crossed out, similar to that of a "no parking" sign. (Link to codebreaker codes, guide with Gameshark V2/Action Replay V2 codes)
  • When on Veldin for the first time the visibomb doesent have any boundaries when you fly it too far away from Ratchet.
  • While the game was early in development, the Visibomb had no green screen when guiding the missile.[1]
  • The Visibomb Gun ignores the player's camera settings when attempting to aim the missile. If you invert the camera controls in the options, it will have no effect on the direction the Visibomb travels when you move the control stick up or down.


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