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Vortex Cannon
The Vortex Cannon was the fully upgraded version of the Suck Cannon. It could be obtained when the Suck Cannon reached Level 5. It spat out its contents as flaming comets that ignited any enemy they hit, and could also suck in crates; however, without releasing its contents. It upgraded to Mega Vortex Cannon in Up Your Arsenal and Titan Vortex Cannon in Size Matters.

The Vortex Cannon also had a faster rate of fire, and could hold nearly twice as much ammo as the Suck Cannon.

A Suck Cannon upgrade could only be legally sold to those over 18 years of age, as evidenced by Slim Cognito "accidentally" selling the upgrade to a minor in Up Your Arsenal. He assured Ratchet and Clank after explaining the story to them by swearing that "the kid looked eighteen."

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The Vortex Cannon in Size Matters


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