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Clank 2 I'll just call you Clank for short!

"Vox's family" is not the subject's real name. The real name is unknown, and a canonical nickname or title which is mentioned in the series is used instead, as deemed the most appropriate title.
(See the specific reasons in the "Behind the scenes" section and/or the relevant discussion on the talk page, if they exist.)

Thats right Team Darkstar, destroy him, destroy his family, make him cry into his next life! Yyyyaarrrgghhh!
Juanita Alvaro, covering the final episode of DreadZone  [Deadlocked]

Vox's family was the family of Gleeman Vox. During Team Darkstar's fight with Gleeman Vox, Juanita urged Team Darkstar to not only kill Vox, but also his family.


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