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Fits like a glove and hits like a truck.
―Description for the Walloper in the Secret Agent Clank instuction booklet.  [SAC]

The Walloper was a Gadgetron weapon that resembled a large white punching glove. With a base price of 7,500 bolts on planet Gaspar, it was three times as powerful as a normal strike of the OmniWrench, and created a temporary blue forcefield around the glove when it was used, protecting Ratchet from attacks. It was also a unique weapon in that it was capable of launching many types of enemies far away upon impact. Gadgetron Test Dummies had also been seen using this weapon in controlled training exercises in Up Your Arsenal. Ratchet again used the weapon in Secret Agent Clank while he was in prison during, where the weapon could be upgraded to the Marauder. If the player had the Persuader the product could be purchased for 5,000 bolts.


Related weapons

A weapon similar to the Walloper was the Blitzer, in Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One.

In-game summaries

Walloper! Punch people hard.
―Vendor Description (Ratchet & Clank)  [R&C]
Gadgetron's most popular short range weapon, the Walloper really packs a punch! This 'punching glove' is the perfect device for close range combat, when projectile weapons just won't do the job.
―Help Menu Description (Ratchet & Clank)  [R&C]
The Walloper is the only known wearable device capable of sending objects into orbit. An unfortunate marketing campaign aimed at the youth model rocket crowd resulted in massive lawsuits, but the subsequent promotion for prison-based license-plate stamping has so far met with success. What could possibly go wrong?
―Weapon Description (Secret Agent Clank)  [SAC]

Weapon Mods

The Walloper had several mods in Secret Agent Clank.

Lightning Speed Mod
The Lightning Speed Mod speeds up the Walloper strike, while reducing windup time. The user also travels much farther. It has to be seen to be believed!
―Mod Description  [SAC]

The mod cost 10,000 bolts.

Earthquake Mod
The Earthquake Mod allows the Walloper to be engaged mid-air. Press O mid-jump to strike the ground and cause a localized ground tremor.
―Mod Description  [SAC]

The mod was obtained by winning the challenge Max Security Cells, Past Due.


  • In Secret Agent Clank the description said one punch could tear a hole in a wall large enough to drive a spaceship through.
  • If one owns a cheating device such as GameShark, a code to unlock a gold Walloper is available, along with the gold Taunter, gold RYNO, and more. Like all gold weapons, it has gold plating. Its range is slightly increased, does double the damage, and the blue field is now green, and slightly larger. Since the gold weapons are not intended to exist, its weapon symbol is a grey chicken on a white background beneath a red circle with a bar through it, similar to those found on "no parking" signs, a possible joke towards the notion that gamers did not tend to be women, as in "no chicks." (Link to codebreaker codes, guide with GameShark V2/Action Replay V2 codes.)
  • The weapon makes a brief appearance in the Ratchet & Clank movie when Ratchet uses the weapon in a battle against Captain Qwark.This version looks like the Constructo Pistol from A crack in time, but fires a hydraulic fist rather than a blast.


  • A bug in Going Commando made the Walloper invisible if it were equipped while Ratchet was holding onto a ledge or ladder. This bug also occurred with the Seeker Gun and HK22 Gun.

Behind the scenes

  • In a behind-the-scenes video in the Goodies menu of the original Ratchet & Clank, an early version of the Walloper is seen being used. According to this footage, the early version of the Walloper did not launch the player forward nor had the blue force field effect.
  • In early concept art of the Walloper, it looked a lot different; less like a punching glove and more like the other glove-type weapons.
  • Its original name was the Walloper 3000. The name change was likely due to simplicity reasons.


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