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The Water Tanker was part of the Drek's Fleet. It is first seen when Drek orders Qwark to use a space shuttle
Landing Vessel

Chairman Drek and Captain Qwark inside the Water Tanker

to travel to the Gemlik Moonbase and stop Ratchet and Clank when they arrive. The Water Tanker is also the ship in which Ratchet and Clank landed once they infiltrated Drek's Fleet. It is called as such, because it carries water to Drek's new planet.

The ship's water reserves are filled with traps that include mines and lasers. To travel through them, Ratchet had to press a button that would open the underwater doors and deactivate the electric security system for the water reserves. Unfortunately, it would also activate a countdown. If Ratchet didn't get out on time, the security system would be reactivated, and Ratchet would be electrocuted. A similar defense system can be found on planet Quartu.


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