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For a list of weapons in the Ratchet & Clank games, see List of weapons.
Big things for Ratchet & Clank weapons are humor, visual flair, and strategy.
James Stevenson [source needed]
R&C UYA Weapons

Weapon list for Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal

Weapon table

Weapon table for A Crack in Time

A weapon is a device used for defeating one's foes in combat. Ratchet used many of them in his adventures. Weapons were manufactured by many corporations such as Gadgetron, GrummelNet, MegaCorp and Vox Industries.

Originally, Ratchet's weapons had only one purchasable upgrade for his weapons called Gold Weapons - but later they were modified to have an ability of sucking nanomites from defeated enemies so that they could upgrade to stronger versions automatically. Strong upgrades to weapons, such as Mega Weapons and Titan Weapons to name a few, could also be bought usually when the player reaches Challenge Mode. The maximum upgrades of the weapons were usually strong enough to defeat any enemy more quickly than before.The rifiles always had a handle on the left or right for Ratchet to hold.




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