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The Wildfire Armor was an armor set that protected the wearer not only from damage from external sources, but also from its own very high operating temperatures by coating its user in super-heated, carbon-coated ceramic tiles. Due to said extremely high operating temperatures, the armor instantly set fire to anything it touched and when Ratchet held the Omniwrench 10K, it also became super-heated, setting enemies on fire when struck. Enemies on fire took damage over time, and eventually succumbed to the flames.

The ceramic tiles are the same tiles used on Space Shuttles for heat shields to help with re-entry, explaining how Ratchet could wear the armor without him being burned.

Armor pieces

Wildfire Armor

360 degrees view of Wildfire Armor


Armor Sets and Pieces in Ratchet & Clank: Size Matters
Armor Set Old School Suit Wildfire Armor Sludge Mk. 9 Armor Crystallix Armor Electroshock Armor Mega-Bomb Armor Hyperborean Armor Chameleon Armor
Helmet N/A Helmet Helmet Helmet Helmet Helmet Helmet Helmet
Body Armor N/A Body Armor Body Armor Body Armor Body Armor Body Armor Body Armor Body Armor
Gloves N/A Gloves Gloves Gloves Gloves Gloves Gloves Gloves
Boots N/A Boots Boots Boots Boots Boots Boots Boots

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