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"Delight your enemies with a blast of snowflakes that will turn them into frosty snowmen. Brr!"
―Instruction Manual Weapon Description[src]
Ratchet using Winterizer

Ratchet using the Winterizer

Winterizer concept art

Winterizer concept art

The Winterizer was a weapon used by Ratchet that turned enemies into snowmen while playing Jingle Bells.[1] It was originally created to make snowmen during the holiday season.[2] When upgraded the snowmen also dropped gifts such as health and ammo.[2]

The Winterizer upgraded into the Blizz-O-Matic at V3.

Behind the scenes

The Winterizer turns each type of enemy in Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus into a unique type of Snowman.[3] Each enemy is frozen in its exact pose.[2]



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