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Wrench Ninja II: Massacre is a skill point on Joba in Ratchet & Clank: Going Commando. It is obtained by defeating every enemy on Joba, outside the arena, with only the wrench.


NOTE: Before trying to obtain the skill point, you should save the game on Joba, restart the console and then reload the save. This should prevent any issues with the skill point.

You will need to defeat every enemy, including those in the area containing the Platinum bolt that is only accessible via the Swingshot. The only problematic enemies are those that hop on the turrets. Although you are only supposed to use the wrench, you can use the Decoy Glove to distract the enemies. Be careful not to die, because if you do, you will have to restart the challenge from the beginning. If you are having problems completing the skill point and have died, try leaving the planet before restarting the challenge.

It is recommended to try this skill point after completing the level, as fewer enemies will appear the second time through. It is also advisable to wait until you have visited Aranos and have found the final Wrench replacement upgrade, the OmniWrench 12000. Maximizing your Nanotech level and collecting Nanotech Boosts can also help, and if you are struggling to complete the skill point, maximizing your armor can help you to stay alive.

If there are still issues getting this skill point, some players have found that using the Short Cut feature in the special menu (Unlocked after entering Challenge Mode) to travel to the Joba's MegaCorp Games Hoverbike Race and use the wrench from there. Complete the skill point in the same way except from the race start rather than the ship.

Players have confirmed that friendly fire, using the turrets or knocking enemies over edges will still get you skill point.


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