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This is the walkthrough for Wupash Nebula.

Wave 1

This is the very first dog fight mission in this game. In order to proceed, you must defeat all enemy troops attacking you. They are the red dots located on the radar. First off learn the controls; X fires lasers, square will make you go faster by boosting, circle fires a special weapon that is equipped, and triangle will switch between special weapons. (At first you will only have access to homing missiles, but you may upgrade your ship later on in the game from Slim Cognito's Ship Shack.) The shoulder buttons; L1/R1 are used to barrel roll, and the L2/R2 buttons can be used to straighten your ship. Pay close attention to your ship so you do not run into any asteroids. Take a look at your shield levels too, they keep you alive for a while. Take out the enemy fighters with your lasers. Continually barrel roll to dodge enemy fire. When you see that you have targeted an enemy and the target is red, fire a missile to take it out with one clean sweep.

Wave 2

There are more enemy fighters headed your way, 20 to be exact. Continue to use the same strategy above, and constantly fire your lasers. Follow the radar and beware of the asteroids. Soon you will proceed to the Maktar Nebula where you will continue your mission.


You can find Raritanium in outer space by shooting the large crystal rocks. The raritanium is used for ship upgrades in the ship shack. You can also find it from enemy ships.

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