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This is the walkthrough for planet Yeedil.

This is the final planet in Going Commando. Start by using the Swingshot to traverse the platforms, while hacking Receiver-Bots to do your bidding. Once you get to a larger platform, you should have opened the forcefields with the Receiver-Bot. Go through the area, fighting Protopets, MegaCorp Tanks, and a new enemy, the MegaCorp Trooper v2.0. These guys have blood-red armor, instead of the orange kind that their close cousins have. Take the Troopers and Tanks out with your Bouncer/Heavy Bouncer. Hop up the ledge and go across the platforms, dealing with your new acquaintances as you go. Turn left and you will find a Receiver-Bot at the end of the walkway. Capture it and use it and the nearby Receiver-Bots to defeat a swarm of enemies, consisting of many Troopers v2.0 At the end, step on the switch and activate the teleporter leading into the facility. Ok, now for the hard part. Start your long journey by filling up on ammo at the vendor near you. Go down the corridor and fight guess who. None other than your favorite attack drones, the MegaCorp Trooper v2.0! Kill them and proceed right down to the middle room. About four flying Troopers v2.0 will appear and try to kill you. Also, behind the barricades at the end are six Troopers v2.0. (very tactical ones to boot.) Kill these and (finally!) proceed through the door into a room that appears to be populated by three large fans. Use the Dynamo on the fans and jump across, avoiding the very annoying flying Troopers v2.0 that fly about. Go through the door at the end and be ready. One MegaCorp Tank and lots of Troopers v2.0 are just waiting to turn you into a plasma stain. Kill the Tank with the Bouncer/Heavy Bouncer and the Troopers v2.0 with the Plasma Coil/Storm. Make sure you target the high up Troopers with the Vaporizer. Once the area is clear, hack the terminal. You will now be in a room filled with water and Protopets. Melt the ice on the water to kill the Protopets. Hop on the platforms and go up. Use the Vaporizer to target and, well vaporize the MegaCorp Tanks at the platforms in the distance. Once they are dead, Swingshot across the gap and use the Grindboot rail. Follow it (jumping over the obviously dangerous glowing red rings) and land. In a room FULL of Troopers v2.0. Kill them and hop up on the ledge. For some fun, put on the Tesla Barrier and Swingshot on the blue Versa-Target at the end. The bridge will fall on the Tank guarding it and crush it instantly. Cross the bridge and prepare yourself for the Mega Protopet.

Defeating the Protopet

Use these weapons for defeating them with ease:

  • RYNO II: Many think that the Zodiac is the most powerful weapon in the game, due to its high cost and its ability to wipe out an entire screen-full of enemies. In fact, though, it is completely useless against bosses. The RYNO II; however, can take out the Mutant Protopet in about ten seconds. One merely has to face the monstrosity and hold down the circle button.
  • Heavy Bouncer: A wonderful weapon that has found a special place in the hearts of many, the Heavy Bouncer is a highly ideal weapon to use for those who cannot afford the steep price of the R.Y,N.O. II. Its high capacity and the high number of ballistic bomblets deal heavy damage to even the Mutant Protopet. One can decrease the entropy of the bomblets with a Lock-On mod. Not only will the large bomb fly towards the Protopet, but the bomblets will also! It should be known that the Ultra Heavy Bouncer can defeat the Mutant Protopet within two minutes or so.

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