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This is the walkthrough for Zeldrin.

Main Path

When you first enter the planet, jump down to the Gadgetron vendor at the bottom. There will be some tiny bots so dispose of them with your wrench. Head forward and you will find some barriers, some troops will barge out of the walls and attack you. Pull out the Nitro Eruptor because they tend to hide inside the little pods. An alternative would be the Disc Blade Gun. Now head down the main path which will curve and a giant bot will appear. Take it out with the Annihilator. This part gets a little bit rough. There will be a huge amount of troopers, so if needed find the Inferno Crate to deal damage as well as take no damage! Once you have defeated all the troopers, head to the next area with more small worker bots. There will be giant bots in this tunnel so pull out a strong weapon. Continue up the path and destroy all enemies that come by. Head up the elevator, destroy more enemies and get to the Hypershot and swing your way across to view a cutscene. Now once that disturbing cutscene is over, go use the Hypershot on the two activators to cross the huge gap. Now use the Gravity Boots to make your way up. There will be giant bots and troopers here as well as electric currents. Be careful! At the end you should be on a circular platform, defeat all enemies and go down the zip line thing to see that the rangers are having some more fun.

The Nano-pak

To get this secret item, simply get past the tunnel area of this planet and look to your behind you to the left. You see a Hypershot swing? Go utilize it and go through the Hypershot course to get the item. The Nano-pak allows you to store at least 2 unused Nanotech from boxes. When your in a critical status, the Nanotech will release and heal you. It is pretty useful.

Titanium bolt

There is one hidden bolt on this planet.

  • From where you start drop down to the bottom and look back. You see a Gravity Boots track? Go on it and find the bolt, it will not be hard.

Skill points

There are 2 skill points on this planet.

  • Suck it Up!: Use the Suck Cannon to destroy 40 enemies. Sounds daunting, well utilize unneeded boxes and the small bots to toss at your foes.
  • Aim High!: Kill 10 of those flying things in the background. They look like pterodactyls. Use the Flux Rifle to make this easy.


There is one hidden trophy on this planet.

  • Nefarious: Head down the main path, when you get to the part before the tunnel find an elevated area. There should be two troopers on it. Once they are gone, hop on top thereof and find the trophy hidden there.

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