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This is the walkthrough for Zeldrin Starport.

Path to Nefarious

At the start of Zeldrin Starport, there is a Gadgetron vendor as usual in front of your ship. Head to your left once your done messing with the Vendor. At your left should be a few enemies and Captain Qwark with Skrunch and also his space ship. Go to them and a cutscene will initiate. After the hilarious cutscene, make your way past the enemies. This place is fairly easy because the robots are not too difficult to deal with. Climb the ladder, to find more robots! This place is very linear, so keep go forward, remember to use crowd controlling weapons like Spitting Hydra, and Bouncer. Time to see the cutscene.

Escape the ship

Okay, now it gets a bit trickier. After the cutscene, you have 60 seconds to make it back to your ship. Ignore all the enemies, use the Charge Boots as well. You will head straight back to Starship Phoenix, surviving the path and escaped the ship.

Hidden Items

Bolt Grabber V.2

A few notes:

  • Try to get the Rift Inducer before entering here.
  • The bolt grabber v.2 allows you to reach bolts you couldn't normally reach, and allows you to break boxes with your comet strike from far distances.

You can find this very useful item on this planet. Instead of venturing to the left, keep going forward. There will be ninja bots dispose of them quickly. Now you will find a see a security bot, be sure to kill it quickly, there are many of them here. Also notice you can take cover behind the shields. They can take a few hits before they are gone. Before using your Hypershot go to the right to see a breakable ship. There is a hidden alcove there, and you can destroy a wall to the left of the ship to find it. You will receive a titanium bolt. Now use your Hypershot and fight your way through more enemies. Again use your Hypershot, Jump across the gap to the second green path. Get out your Flux Rifle again and snipe the Security Robot on the platform on the right in the next room. Use a Double Jump and Glide to get to the next room. A door at the end of the room will open and a group of Security Robots will enter the room. If you have the Rift Inducer you can get the whole group with a couple of shots, otherwise you will have to use the Annihilator Now stop right there after killing the enemies! Do you see a large box you can jump on? Do so, and jump onto that platform. Glide or double jump to the hidden alcove and find another titanium bolt. Now enter the door. Throw Miniturrets and a couple of Agents of Doom will not hurt. This place is crowded so a crowd control weapon you should bust out. After killing the enemies proceed forward to find more enemies. Take them out and follow the path to find more enemies! Once you taken them all out, your reward is at the end. You can use the teleport device to escape to your ship.

Titanium bolts

There are 2 hidden titanium bolts on this planet.

  • Before the first Hypershot target, head right to find a secret alcove beside the breakable ship. Destroy a secret wall to find the bolt.
  • In the room with giant spinning gears, look for a box to go on and jump to the ledge nearby. Long jump to the hidden alcove to find the bolt.

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