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All Information

1,500,000 bolts

Ammo Cost

10,000 bolts

Ammo Held


Rate of Fire


38 Zodiac WM

The Zodiac.

The Zodiac was an extremely powerful weapon created by Megacorp. It was available for a hefty 1,500,000 bolts and fired a charge of lightning that franticly decimated all enemies within range. However, the weapon had some depreciating downsides. It had four ammo slots and the ammunition cost 10,000 bolts each, yet ammo for the weapon could be found in Ammo crates. It was useful against swarms of enemies, but it wasn't effective against bosses. If any single enemy moved out of Ratchet's line of vision, it would be unaffected. It had no upgrade and, along with the Mega Mini-Nuke, was one of the most expensive weapons in the game.


  • The Zodiac was more specifically called the Zodiac Mk.II. This is because the original "Zodiac" weapon was in Insomniac's first game, Disruptor. This Zodiac also wiped out enemies within sight.
  • The RYNOCIRATOR in Ratchet & Clank: Up Your Arsenal had the same effect as the Zodiac.
  • The achievement BFG (blast frequency gun) is a reference to a game by Capcom, Dead Rising 2, due to the fact that there is a weapon, called the BFG, that has similar effects to the zodiac. It also indirectly references the ORIGINAL BFG, the BFG-9000 (Big *CENSORED*ing Gun 9000) in the classic PC FPS DOOM.
  • The Zodiac also increases the number of bolts Ratchet can obtain when destroying enemies, depending on his boltiplier.
  • The Zodiac's ability to eliminate all on-screen threats is identical to the lightning emitted from Ratchet whenever his total Nanotech was increased; this effect killed all nearby enemies.


  • If you use the Zodiac while moving, the weapon firing animation is sometimes not shown.


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